Whereas dyuers bokes filled bothe with heresye, sedityon and treason, haue of late, and be dayly broughte into thys Realme, oute of forreine countries and places beyond the seas, and some also couertly printed within this Realme, and cast abroade in sondrye partes thereof, whereby not onely God is dishonored, but also an encoragemonte giuen to disobey laweful princes and gouernors. The Kyng and Quenes Maiesties, for redresse hereof, by this ther present proclamation declare and publyshe to all their subiectes that whosoeuer shal after the proclaymyng hereof, be founde to haue any of the sayde wycked and seditious bokes, or finding them, doo not forthwith burne the same, without showing the readyng the same to anye other person, shall in that case be reputed and taken for a rebell, and shall without delay be executed for that offence accordynge to th ordre of marchall lawe. Geuen at our manor of Saynt Jameses the. vi. day of June.
God saue the kyng and the Quene.

hannis Cavvodi Tipographi regiae maiestatis.